Short Term Loans


  • Credit Solutions Group Short term loans can be approved for up to 6 months with a role over upon further approval. The product must be used predominantly for business use. Generally, settlement can accrue 24 hours after approval.
  • What is a short term Loan?

¬†– A Short term loan is simply asset loans and are secured against real estate (usually a house, commercial property or residential or industrial land) This facility is available to clients who wish to retain their existing 1st mortgage but require a short-term facility which may be beyond their current credit provider’s capacity. A caveat Mortgage is a loan secured against a property that already has a First Mortgage attached to it. The Charge is placed after the bank finance.

– Minimum Loan $50,000

– Maximum Loan Unlimited

– Loan term 6 months

– Lvr first mortgage 80%

– Lvr Second mortgage 80%

– Lvr Plant and equipment 70%

– Quick Turn Around

– No Reporting requirements

– No Credit Checks Required

– Non-confirming (Credit Impaired)

– Non-Code Asset Lender

  • At Credit Solutions Group we know getting the right loan is critical, and the time frame of drawing down funds is important.
  • Credit Solutions group specialise in providing private mortgages and business finance.
  • Credit Solutions Group do not have the same restrictions as bank lenders, this allows for decisions to be made at the time of the request.
  • Credit Solutions Group is a NonCode Lender, The purpose must be predominantly for business use. Please call our helpful staff day or night with any questions¬† 1300 855 022

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